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You booked your Disney Cruise and it’s officially in sight! You’ve been counting down for days, weeks, months, maybe even years. But before you head to the airport or pack the car, you have to pack your bags. Packing for a Disney Cruise, while not unlike packing for any vacation, can be made so much easier with a Disney Cruise Checklist.

After 20+ Disney Cruises, I can confidently say that packing for a Disney Cruise still stresses me out after all these years. Does anyone else have dreams leading up to their vacation that they arrived at their destination only to find that they haven’t packed a single thing? Without fail before any Disney Cruise, I have at least one dreaded packing-related nightmare.

Okay, it might be the overthinker in me that is creeping into my dreams. But there’s nothing quite like a dream like that that forces you to get overly organized when it comes to packing.

I took my tried-and-true Disney Cruise packing list from all my Disney Cruises plus recommendations from our DCL Community members (join us for FREE here) and typed it out for you to reference as you’re thinking of things to pack for a Disney Cruise.

Feel free to screenshot, print, send to your in-laws, put on the refrigerator, or do whatever you have to to make sure that you’re not stressed as you leave.

Complete Disney Cruise Packing List

1. Must Have Documents:

In order to keep all these documents for your party organized, we always travel with some sort of folder/organizer. A folder from your kid’s classes can do just fine, but if you want to be super organized and know where everything is then you should pick up one of these Accordion Style Folders. Trust me, when you get to the Port to check in, you’re not going to want to wonder which pocket, which bag, which person has what.

▢ Passport

▢ Driver’s License

▢ Birth Certificates for kids under 15

▢ Proof of Vaccinations/Immunization/COVID Test Proof (Not currently required)

▢ Official Cruise Document / Online Check-in / Port Arrival Form

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Make sure you complete and sign your online check-in forms! You should receive a QR code that you can download to your phone, but always good to print this out too just in case.

▢ Return Travel Arrangements (Travel Confirmations for buses, rentals, shuttles, hotels, and flights)

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Did you know you can have Disney check you in for your flight while you’re onboard? On the last day, we’re typically squeezing every moment we can out of our time onboard. Having the crew (or your Travel Agent) check in for you let’s you stay in “vacation mode” a little longer!

Insurance (Health insurance cards, travel insurance information)

▢ Disney Luggage Tags

2. Clothes:

I know a lot of these are going to sound obvious, but you would be amazed at the times stress takes over when packing and you forget to pack socks for all your kids. You can never be too thorough when packing for a Disney Cruise. This may vary slightly depending on when and where you’re traveling, but we tried to cover all our bases. To keep us all organized both while packing and while in the staterooms, we love using packing cubes like this set that looks like Minnie Mouse, this set with cubes and bags of various sizes, and this one where everybody can pick their favorite color.

▢ Bottoms like shorts, capris, pants, jeans, and leggings

▢ Shirts like t-shirts (long and short sleeves), tank tops, and cute blouses/tops for dinners and tastings

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: on some sailings where your tours may include visits to historic or religious sites, you may need a shirt that covers the shoulders.

▢ Outerwear like rain jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: The theaters and restaurants do not hold back on the air conditioning. Some people love it, but I am always freezing. Even if we’re in the Caribbean in July, you will always see me with a sweater or sweatshirt inside the ship. You can get the chills too if you happen to get sunburned, so it’s better to be prepared with something to layer with.

▢ Pajamas

▢ Swimsuits

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: We recommend packing at least 3-4 per person unless you plan on doing laundry a bunch onboard. Bathing suits take time to dry especially if your kids are like the ones in our family that live in the pool while onboard. There’s a clothesline to dry clothes in the stateroom, but it’s better to have a few options in case suits are still damp.

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Make sure to bring 2 gallon Ziploc bags! We know that sounds incredibly random, but hear us out. It’s inevitable that the kids’ swimsuits will be wet on the last night before packing. Maybe you order room service with eyes that were bigger than your stomach, and you want to save some cookies for tomorrow. These bags are versatile, take up little to no space, and solve for tons of unexpected problems while onboard.

▢ Accessories like jewelry, belts, hats, ties, watches, glasses, and sunglasses

▢ Swimsuit Coverups and Sundresses

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: You cannot enter some areas onboard in just a bathing suit, so having an easy coverup (or even t-shirt) to throw on is a nice time saver. Target has some super cute ones for Mom like these, and we could not get over how cute the kids options are too!

▢ Undergarments like underwear, undershirts, bras, pantyhose, and socks

Workout Clothes like leggings, shorts, sports bras, tank tops, and sweat towel

▢ Formal Wear for Formal Night, Semiformal Night, and Adult-Only Dining like dress pants or slacks, suit jacket (required at Remy), collared shirts/polos, dresses, skirts, or blouses

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Dining on most nights is “Cruise Casual” which means no swimwear or tank tops. Some guests get dressed up in nice dresses and some prefer to wear t-shirts. Remember that this is your cruise, so do what make you and your party feel their best. Which sometimes means letting your little one wear his Spiderman costume every, single night.

▢ Pirate Night Attire like eyepatches, hooks, earrings hooks, wigs, and even a fake parrot

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: No packing list for a Disney Cruise would be complete without a nod to Pirate Night! You cannot go overboard here (pun totally intended). I have seen some of the coolest, most dedicated Pirate Night costumes onboard. Yes, some folks just wear the complimentary bandana or a pirate t-shirt, but don’t hold back your creativity. You can find awesome inspiration for pirate night on our packing list page!

▢ Alaska specific attire to keep you warm like face coverings, ear warmers, hats, lined coats good for layering (waterproof or windproof shoes and coats like this one are always a plus), gloves, boots, rain poncho, and other winter clothes depending on any excursions you might be participating in.

▢ Disney Costumes for Kids (or Adults!)

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Costumes are not just for the Halloween on the High Seas on a Disney Cruise. There is just nothing that will melt your heart like seeing your little one dressed up like their favorite character and getting to meet the character while onboard. The pictures will be keepsakes all your life. Target has some great Disney costumes all year long for multiple ages like these, but when it doubt Amazon has tons of options too. This is an easy way to convince your kids to dress up for formal/semiformal nights if they don’t like “regular” fancy clothes. And don’t forget your Mickey ears!

3. Shoes:

Shoes can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, so don’t overthink it here. You don’t need different shoes for every outfit every day.

▢ Comfortable, close-toed walking shoes to travel, explore, and adventure in like sneakers

▢ Gym shoes / Tennis shoes for those wanting to utilize the running track, gym, or participate in the Castaway Cay 5K

▢ Dress shoes, formal sandals, or heels for dinners and Adult-Only Dining

▢ Water-related activity shoes like flip flops, sandals, or actual water shoes like these which tons of members in our community recommend

4. Laundry:

I know what you’re thinking. On a list of things to pack for a Disney Cruise, you didn’t think we would mention the chores you left at home. This is totally optional, but there are a significant number of folks who like to do laundry. First, they can reduce how much they pack by washing and re-wearing the same clothes. Second, they don’t want to come home to a massive amount of laundry. Personally, I don’t like doing laundry on vacation, but I have family members who refuse to leave the ship with a suitcase full of dirty clothes. It’s a personal preference, but if you’re packing for a Disney Cruise and want to do laundry then don’t forget these items.

▢ Laundry pods

▢ Dryer Sheets

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a gamechanger for when clothes get wrinkled as you travel. You cannot bring an iron or steamer onboard (the laundry rooms do have irons and ironing boards), but this saves time for the whole family. Here’s it in travel sizes as well.

▢ Stain remover

Small travel sewing kit with safety pins just in case

5. Motion sickness remedies:

Some people don’t have any issues with motion sickness onboard ships as large as Disney’s. Just in case of a storm that causes choppy waters though, it’s better to be prepared than to spend your entire trip feeling miserable. Personally, we love using Sea-Bands because they’re not a medication, easy to wear, easy to pack, affordable, come in kid sizes, and we have used them forever. Others prefer bringing patches, Dramamine, or consider consulting your local doctor for the best solution for you.

6. Toiletries:

Similar to the clothing, when creating a Disney Cruise Checklist a lot of these items are probably not things you would forget as you’re packing for your cruise. Just in case though, we have everything we’re sure to pack for our bathrooms below.

▢ The basics: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, feminine products, nail clippers, tweezers, Q-tips, and hand sanitizer

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Disney will provide some basics like shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and a hair dryer, but if you like specifics products or brands then you might want to bring your own. Some people love the Disney brands so much that not bringing these items is a huge space saver for them.

▢ To make you smell good: Deodorant, cologne, perfume, baby powder, body wash, soap

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: You’ll thank us later for this one. We always bring Poo-Pourri with us for the bathrooms. One bathroom for the whole family…like we said, you’ll thank us later.

▢ For your skin: Sunscreen, aloe vera, Chapstick or lip balm, skin care, moisturizer, shaving cream, razor (and chargers if they’re electric), makeup (eyeliner, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, contour, bronzer, highlighter, nail polish and remover, setting spray, lipstick, brushes, lashes, etc.), makeup remover, eye drops, and ear drops (if kids are prone to ear infections especially)

▢ For your hair: Hair gel, comb, hairbrush, clips, hairspray, curler, hair ties, headbands, scrunchies, and straightener

▢ Medications in their original packaging and daily vitamins. Don’t forget about antacids like TUMS or Ginger Tablets found here in case of upset stomachs.

▢ Gum and mints

▢ Ear plugs, night masks, neck pillows, nasal strips

7. Bags and purses:

You’ll be doing a lot of walking around before, during, and after your cruise so you’ll want to make sure your arms are free to take pictures, give hugs, and hold onto the ship as you disembark.

▢ Pool or beach bag to throw a book, sunscreen, hat, towel clips, and water into while on deck or at the beach

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: You really only need your Key to the World Card while onboard as it acts as your ID, charge card, room key, dining map, and more. In order to keep from losing it in a pocket of a bag or purse as bottomless as Mary Poppin’s bag, we always recommend having a lanyard. After your first Disney Cruise, you’ll automatically get a lanyard as a Castaway Club member, but for first-time Disney Cruisers definitely order a set of lanyards. It’s easier to keep track of in the room, can go around the kid’s necks to make them less difficult for them to lose, and keeps this keepsake next to you for your entire sailing.

▢ Luggage

▢ Backpack for excursions

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Some excursions will cause you to be gone for hours at a time. Think ahead about packing snacks (sealed, non-perishable) and reusable water bottles that you can fill before you leave).

▢ Purse or clutch

▢ Wallet

8. If you’re driving or flying:

Regardless of if you’re flying or driving to the port, you’re going to want to be comfortable and definitely want the kids to be entertained.

▢ To keep them occupied: Games, books, gaming devices (chargers and batteries), coloring books, kid headphones

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: If your kids want to watch certain movies or shows, download them to tablets or phones ahead of time and use a holder like this or this to ensure devices don’t get dropped and can keep the kids entertained.

▢ To keep them comfortable: pillows and blankets

9. Electronics:

While many use a Disney Cruise to completely unplug and recharge, we understand that some devices have to come with onboard to capture memories, stay connected, and just as part of life in the 21st century.

▢ Cell phone, laptop, tablet and iPads, camera, memory cards, GoPro (especially if you’re going on cool excursions and want to capture the adventure), portable chargers, Kindle for reading, smart watches or step tracker, and corresponding chargers for all devices

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: If you’re doing water related activities and bringing your phone, we always recommend having a waterproof phone case like this just to be sure your phone is protected. Don’t want you losing those memories!

▢ Power adapters: The power sockets onboard are equipped with a combination of 110V and European 220V outlets. Staterooms also have USB plugs available (a lot of our members really like bringing these). If you would like to use the European socket, please make sure your devices are suitable and bring a UK-to-European travel adapter with you.

▢ Medical devices to test blood sugar, CPAP machines, chargers for wheelchairs

10. Money:

Your Key to the World Card is going to be your charge card while onboard, but for before your cruise, on excursions, and after you leave, you will definitely want to make sure you have a means to pay for things.

▢ Cash for tips (Room Service delivery, those helping with your bags at the airport and port, drivers, etc.)

▢ Coins for tolls

▢ Credit cards

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: If you’re looking to earn points that you can trade in for cash back, transfer to airlines to use for flights, and earn more for travel (5x points on travel) then we always recommend this card. The benefits are amazing and sign-up bonus is just the cherry on top! By using my link, you support the creation of helpful content like this at no cost to you. If you use a link from the bank, they keep the referral points, so why not support a local business? I need points to travel to Disney too!

11. Optional Disney Magic:

▢ Disney door décor or dry erase boards – Everything you need to know about decorating your stateroom door can be found here

▢ Fish Extenders (or FE) are small gift exchanges between passengers. You hang your fish extender (example in link) from the fish outside your stateroom door (hence the name). Before the cruise, you will have joined a group of fellow cruisers to be assigned at least one other stateroom to exchange gifts with while onboard by leaving gifts in their extender and they leave gifts in yours. Now, personally, we have never participated in Fish Extenders; however, there’s a reason it’s listed here. It’s a creative way to get excited four your cruise, good way to meet new folks, and provides a nice keepsake from your trip.

▢ Gifts for stateroom hosts or other cruise staff members onboard

▢ Pins for trading

▢ Autograph Book for character signatures like this

▢ Rubber Ducks like these are hidden by some passengers around the ship as a sort of scavenger hunt meets gift exchange. Again, this is not a must. We have never participated, but it is fun to note when you see a duck around the ship. There is plenty to keep you busy onboard a Disney Cruise, but this adds extra magic and excitement for some cruisers. For more information on all things Rubber Ducks on cruise ships, you can read this article. These ducks are certainly ready for pirate night!

12. Thermal mug or water bottle:

Disney has plenty of glasses and cups onboard, but some cruisers like to have refillable water bottles with them to bring on excursions, to have at the gym, or simply keep them hydrated while on deck. Other folks never travel without their thermal mugs, especially these Disney Tervis tumblers, to have their own cups to use for keeping drinks warm or cold. There’s just something so calming about a cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise on a Disney ship. A must-do!

13. Babies:

For not being able to contribute to packing themselves, the littlest cruisers surely do have a lot that you don’t want to leave behind.

▢ Toiletries: Diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, medicines, baby powder, swim diapers, sunscreen, baby toothbrush and toothpaste or teething gel, lotion, colic drops, and thermometer

▢ Traveling: Diaper bag, changing pad, sling/carrier, stroller, car seat, sleep sac, fanny pack

▢ Food: Breast milk can be carried onboard and stored in the refrigerator in the stateroom, sippy cup or bottles (along with soap/bottle scrubber), bibs, child sized plastic utensils, breast pumps, formula

▢ Keeping baby happy: Toys, blankets, nightlight, pacifier + pacifier clip, noise cancelling headphones for deck parties and firework shows, favorite stuffed animal, small fan to attach to stroller with cover, sunglasses, and hat

▢ Disney outfits like these for some precious photo opportunities onboard with characters

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Disney will give you pack and play and diaper genie.

14. Old gift card:

There is a slot near the door and light switches in your cabin, and you might be wondering why. In an effort to give back to the environment, Disney staterooms require there to be a Key to the World Card in that slot that activates the power in the stateroom for you to utilize the lights, TV, etc.

While that’s wonderful of Disney to be so caring about Mother Earth, it can be a bit frustrating if someone decides to leave while you’re still in the room (or worse – in the bathroom!). Having an old gift card or room card that you can leave in the slot, but only “activate” (aka, press it down into the slot) when needed will help ensure that everyone can always keep their Key to the World cards on them while giving back to Mother Earth.

15. Alcohol:

Disney does not have an unlimited alcohol package like some other cruise lines you might have sailed on in the past; however, Disney Cruise Line’s alcohol policy does allow guests 21 years and older to bring 2 bottles of wine (unopened and in original container) OR 6 12 oz or less beers onboard at the beginning of the voyage. These items are per person 21 years+ and must be carried on. If you pack it in your bag, they will confiscate it and you’ll kiss it goodbye.

▢ You technically can’t drink the alcohol you brought onboard in public areas, but you can ask your room host to bring you glasses. If you drink it in the dining room, you will be charged $25 corking fee, so we typically drink our wine beforehand in our stateroom before heading to dinner.

▢ You can absolutely bring alcohol onboard from a Port of Call as a souvenir, but it will be stored for you until the end of the cruise. At the end of the cruise, you will have to retrieve it before departing.

▢ Disney has many tastings as a part of their onboard activities as well as Drinks of the Days, mimosas at a reduced pricing in the early hours, and plenty of bars around the ship. Please drink responsibly.

16. Other Recommended Items:

Our online community gave us a list of items that you might not be thinking to pack which you can find by clicking here, but below are some other items to keep in mind.

▢ Some people are very particular about their coffee. Disney has plenty of coffee options onboard (some included and some at an additional charge items), but if you’re a stickler for a particular cup of coffee in the morning then you might want to bring your own.

▢ Coolers are great to have for many reasons. Some Castaway Club members receive coolers as onboard gifts, but to be sure you could bring your own. Coolers should be no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ as carry-on luggage for storing medications, baby food or items related to dietary restrictions only.

▢ Glow sticks are great fun for the kids (and adults) during nighttime deck parties and dance parties.

▢ Snorkel gear, goggles, and sand toys who prefer having a more active beach day. There is snorkel gear available to rent on the islands or onboard, but some guests like to bring their own sets. Snorkel gear like this carry easily for excursions and this set would be great to throw in a bag on the way to Castaway Cay (great snorkeling there!). If you prefer to hang out by the pool, we would recommend grabbing these so that the family can choose their favorite color.

Disney Cruise Packing Pro Tip: Always pack an extra pair of glasses and contacts. We have had things go wrong and had family members lose a pair of glasses on a cruise. Let me tell you firsthand that I would never wish that experience for anyone. Bring a spare pair of glasses just in case.

▢ Collapsible hamper like this to put on the floor of your closet to collect dirty clothes throughout the trip.

▢ Stamps for post cards

17. Embarkation Day Go Bag:

▢ Medication

▢ Must-Have Documents like port arrival documents

▢ Camera

▢ Glasses

▢ Baby/toddler baby travel essentials

▢ Dollar bills for tipping

▢ Bathing suits if littles are itching to go on the slides/pools and if you do that you might want to pack a change of clothes too.

▢ Charger

18. Before you leave:

▢ Call your credit card company

▢ Give neighbors or family members who might be watching your place: Contact info, vacation dates, itinerary, emergency numbers, if you’re leaving lights on/cars out, having someone come to watch pets

▢ Turn off or unplug appliances

▢ Water plants and secure outdoor furniture

▢ Turn off HVAC or reduce

▢ Pause mail/newspaper delivery

▢ Set alarm on house

▢ Download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App on your phone

We know that this list can seem overwhelming along with planning the cruise in the first place. But Hakuna Matata! Our entire Disney Cruise Line Community is here to help answer your questions along with our Recommended Travel Agents. If you’re wondering why it’s worth is to use a Travel Agent to book your Disney Cruise, we’ve got all the answers for you here.

Remember that even if you forget something that Disney Cruise Line does have stores onboard. Hopefully this Disney Cruise Packing list has been helpful and got you even more excited for your upcoming sailing!

Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing List — Disney Cruise Line Community (2024)


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