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You’ve got to have a plan to make the most of the season, or it might just pass by without you realizing it.

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Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (2)

Summer is the time to trailblaze, to try new things and go to new places. We’re talking about throwing friends in the pool and getting that tattoo you’ve always said you wanted, day trips to the beach and singing karaoke at night. To do it right, you’ll need two things: the right kind of summer bucket list, and a few, good friends to bring along.

If you spent the last few months on autopilot, now’s the time to snap out of it. Summer’s here, and there’s two ways this can go: either you wake up, make some memories, and seize the season, or you stay locked up in your routine. Which is it going to be?

If you’re with us, then let’s go. We’ve put together a summer bucket list of the best things to do this summer, and it’s growing longer by the week — so make sure you check back for new entries. The key to all of these is that, though you might be able to do them in spring or fall, they’re best done in the summer. You’ve got to have a plan to make the most of the season, or it might just pass by without you realizing it.

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  1. 68

    Go To Disney World


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (3)Summertime always reminds me of my childhood and we used to go to Disney every weekend. I haven't been in a few years so I'm excited to see how things have changed, meet all my favorite characters and take a trip down memory lane.

    It just seems like that trip that everyone should go on at some point in their life. I know you would have the time of your life and would make a ton of great memories!

    Suggested by Rachel at

  2. 51

    Go Camping


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (4)

    I have many fond memories of family camping trips growing up in the 70's. My favorite trips were out West....the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Wyoming, etc. Our boys are 12 now and we haven't taken them on a major camping trip yet and I really want them to experience it for themselves.... Camping is so easy and free, just loved it so much.

    Suggested by Catlady600

  3. 11

    Fly A Kite


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (5)

    Haven't done it since a family holiday back in the early 1980's. I think it was West Mersea in Essex but I remember it was a big green Peter Powell kite with a long yellow tail that inflated in the sky!

    Suggested by Dee

  4. 5

    Go On A Hike


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (6)

    Even if you're not a sporty person, hiking is a great way to get outside, soak up the summer sun, and get some exercise. Plus, who doesn't love a new adventure? Grab a friend, choose a trail, and get lost in nature for awhile.

    Suggested by Bria at

  5. 4

    Do Something For The First Time


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (7)

    No matter how big or small this new first is, it will be an experience you will never forget. Something as small as trying a different entree at your favorite restaurant can open the door to a new favorite entree. Something as big as traveling to a new country can introduce you to so many new things, and provide enrichment to your life.

    But a word of caution to all you completist out there... Once you add this to your bucket list you will NEVER tick it off as completed! There's always something new to try :)

    Suggested by Erin at

  6. 3

    Ride A Ferris Wheel


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (8)

    Choose to meet your friends at a theme park, festival or carnival, and explore the thrilling rides and entertainment. There’s something about being able to unleash your inner child. It’s an endearing quality and cuts straight to the chase of who you are. Along the way, you’ll have so much fun the nerves will disappear into the background, so you can truly make the most of it. Chances are you’ll get a little bit addicted to the adrenaline rush and drop all your must do’s and for once just focus on your want to’s :)

    Suggested by Nicole at

  7. 2

    Try All Ice Cream Flavors


    Food is an easy way to step outside your comfort zone, and trying a new flavor of ice cream is a fun way to do it! Cool off from the summer heat with a bold new flavor of something yummy. Who knows? You might just discover your new favorite treat!

    Suggested by Bria at

  8. 2

    Have A Water Balloon Fight

    Act! List

    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (10)

    You know all those classic, all-time summer movies that never get old? Most of them have a water fight. They make it seem so... care free. I want that feeling. I may need to take more than a few deep breaths to breath some life into my inner child :)

    Suggested by Anon

  9. 1

    Take A Massive Pool Float For A Relaxing Lounge In The Ocean

    Act! List

    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (11)

    If a giant flamingo pool float doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does! I love the beach and go every day, but I really want to step it up a notch and lounge on a fun pool float in the sea for the day! I'll probably bring a paddle of some sort on it with me to make sure I don't get lost :)

    Suggested by Rachel at

  10. 1

    Travel To Another Country


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (12)

    Leaving your home country is one of the most memorable events ever! It truly reveals your pre-conceptions (or misconceptions) of people and places, and lets you realize how things really are. Often it may be the small subtle things that stick with you on your travels, like what the locals put on their bread (vegemite) or the fact that, that world famous architectural marvel is just a collection of bathroom tiles ;)

    With all the online resources available these days, there are few excuses that stand up to how attainable your dream trip really is. You’ll find that what separates those who travel and those who don’t, is simply a subtle shift in priorities. So, get your priorities straight, find your wanderlust and head off on that adventure off a life time.

    Suggested by Miika @BucketList

  11. 1

    Learn A New Language


    Learning a new language is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your existing language skills is certainly something you can accomplish. Did you take three years of French in high school? Did you study abroad in Spain during college? Head to the French West Indies for a long weekend and strike up a conversation with the locals, or pony up to the French wine bar in your city and order a glass of Sancerre and a cheese plate in the native tongue of your bartender. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, so see if you’ve still got it.

  12. Try A New Sport


    Summer Bucket List | @BucketList (14)

    If you haven’t already peaked in athletic prowess, you’re in your prime for trying a new sport (physical peak in most sports is considered to be between age 25 and 35). But let’s put the scary numbers aside for a second and talk about this: Discovering a new ability is one of the most exhilarating and confidence-boosting things you can do—even more so when it’s a healthy activity! Plus, if you discover a new sport, you’re likely to open yourself up to a whole new world of people, be it teammates, trainers, or just people you pass in the gym.

  13. Go Shark Diving


    I want to do something that defines fear, need of great courage, and a once in a life time experience with something you cant see everyday in person. I wanted to do something that people will instantly think wow she has guts; to show not only people but myself as well that anything is possible if you have enough of what you need like trust in yourself, faith, courage, and great might to accomplish a goal no matter how many obstacles are in the way. I want to show myself that I am courageous a I want to do something that involves one of my fondest memories (the ocean). I just really want to show myself that what people say and feel about you is them and should not affect your life and future or how you handle yourself.

    Suggested by Karla

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