Sheet-Pan Roast Chicken and Mustard-Glazed Cabbage Recipe (2024)



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Britt B

After reading the comments, I cooked the cabbage for 30 minutes prior to adding the onions and chicken. It was fantastic. Everyone agreed that the amount of red onion could be cut in half.


Tonight I made it a second time and decided it is my all time favorite meal! I was reading others’ comments and in regards to the cabbage cooking time- I wonder if the people saying it was taking too long were using a traditional green cabbage? I used Savoy cabbage both times and it cooked perfectly with no extra time needed. Savoy cabbage leaves are softer and crinklier and absorb the dressing and caramelize beautifully.

Joan Marriott

Great I'll be trying this combination because I am not a fan of sauerkraut, no matter how healthy it may be! And one pan / pot / casserole or sheet pan meals are becoming my go to method because I find myself increasingly appreciating flavours melding together during cooking. In my kitchen only one sheet pan will be used as hand washing even one extra pan just to brush onions with oil is both avoidable & unnecessary.


I made this dish tonight exactly as the recipe dictated and all the veggies cooked perfectly - 425 for 45 minutes. I did cut the cabbage into 10 wedges instead of 8, maybe it made a difference since they were slightly thinner.

Mary P

I made this for dinner last night and we loved it. I used the ingredients I had on hand - boneless, skinless thighs and dijon mustard. I had no cumin seeds or coriander, so subbed ground cumin. My slices of cabbage were smaller than 1/16th wedges, so they cooked just fine and I thought the red onion made the dish, so I wouldn't use less. This is a forgiving recipe I loved how the flavors complemented each other and added this recipe to my go-to stack.

Don in Victoria, BC

I was worried about the thickness of the cabbage wedges and the idea of leaving the core attached, with good reason. After 40 minutes the chicken and onions were perfect but the cabbage still needed cooking to achieve that soft, sweet texture I was expecting. I ended up putting the cabbage in a pot, adding some apple juice (it was handy) and simmering the cabbage to a softer texture...but the core pieces were inedible.


The mustard glazed cabbage and onions might make a nice vegetarian side dish.

Nate C.

Cooked this evening and turned out great. Used 4 chicken thighs instead of 6 because thighs came in packs of 4. I ended up throwing out some of the spice mixture that goes on chicken since I only had 4 thighs. Used same amount of veggies and other ingredients.


Per some suggestions, cut cabbage and onion to 1/2 inch. Roasted in 450* oven for 15 min, added sliced fresh sausage for another 15-20 min. Perfect.


Very yummy and innovative recipe- you get the depth of flavor of sauerkraut without the long process of fermentation! A few adaptations to the recipe- I personally like chicken that is more flavorful and tender- so I brined the chicken for about 4-5 hours before cooking. I made a simple brine of salt, brown sugar, pepper, and bay leaves- it made the chicken so delicious and tender! Also, I subbed red cabbage instead of green. Super delish!


"I made this for dinner last night and we loved it. I used the ingredients I had on hand - boneless, skinless thighs and dijon mustard. I had no cumin seeds or coriander, so subbed ground cumin. My slices of cabbage were smaller than 1/16th wedges, so they cooked just fine and I thought the red onion made the dish, so I wouldn't use less. This is a forgiving recipe I loved how the flavors complemented each other and added this recipe to my go-to stack."


Made this dish tonight and loved it though will double the garlic and herbs next time. Convection for the last 10 minutes made the skin very crispy. Added baby potatoes with oli, salt and pepper around the edge and they were a nice addition. Dill at the end was great.


Followed recipe exactly, and it turned out beautifully. I was concerned the veg chix would not brown as it was far more crowded on my sheet pan than in the photo. So I put the veg in the oven for 5-10 min ahead to let some of their steam cook off and then added thighs. All came out perfect; veggies were saucy, browned in spots, and tasted divine with the schmalz, and the chicken skin was crispy. Served with roasted kabocha. Next time will try with caraway and fennel for cumin.


I bought the tiniest cabbage I could find and sliced thinner than 1/2”. Only used one red onion and also sliced thinner than directed. Otherwise followed directions exactly and this was oh so delicious! This was my second attempt at this recipe. the first time, following directions exactly, the veggies overcrowded the pan leaving a lot of water after cooking and no crispy, caramelized anything. If you are going to use the direct amount of veg I would spread between two pans.

Etta Abrahams

I added small halved red and yellow potatoes to the pan. I also sautéed diced butternut squash with a bit of balsamic glaze to add a bit of sweetness on the side. This dish is wonderful in its mingling of flavors. I used boneless and skinless thighs.


This was a winner. I don’t have a big enough sheet pan for a single layer here so not as crisp, but my cabbage definitely cooked through and the flavors were excellent.


I made this and was surprised how well it turned out! My husband had seconds which surprised me. I broiled the cabbage for 15 minutes separately and then added everything else. I did use some white beans, which toasted first in the air fryer and they really enhanced the dish. This was nice and different.


Delicious. I used 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs and halved everything else. The cabbage wound up in pieces - I cut out the core altogether. I baked the cabbage, onions and capers for 10 minutes before adding the chicken, as others suggested. I added small potatoes, halved, with the vegetables. Baked another 35 minutes. Very yummy.

Autumn Hl

Made this with red cabbage and 1/2 a chicken, so I cut amounts and subbed herbs de Provence for the cumin and coriander as that's what I had. It was wonderful. The cabbage was savory, meaty and well cooked sitting under the chicken. Easy but flavorful and unexpectedly good. I can't wait to do this again, with chicken or maybe even a pork loin. Roast cabbage wedges. Who knew???

Valerie A.

Made this exactly as written except used Napa cabbage and added new potatoes. I cut the cabbage precisely as instructed and it was just right, some pieces a little crispy and all pieces tender. I’m not crazy about all of the cumin seeds and I don’t think I’d make this again based purely on flavor preference, but it’s a solid recipe. Maybe would be better with sausage.


I added a shallot and honey to taste and it definitely elevated the vinaigrette

Kathy Adams

This was quite easy and very yummy. I used savoy cabbage, which was already in my fridge. Had only sweet onions, not red. I don't think it made a bit of difference. The recipe works quite easily and I enjoyed a lovely meal.


Outstanding, and so easy to prepare. Coated thighs with spices several hours before, let rest on tray in fridge. Used Savoy cabbage and the edges got all crispy and dark brown. Served w/leftover brown rice.


Less salt in meat rub and add ground fennel seed to it. Dry and rub chicken at least an hour before cooking let sit uncovered in fridge.


Less salt, add fennel seed and garlic to meat rub. Put rub on meat an hour before cooking.


Easy to skip chicken and sub marinated white beans 5-10 minutes from the end on plant based days. Yum.


Use carrots as well. Can make with or without chicken


The mustard vinaigrette is good but this dish is soooo oily. Required 2 pans to hold it all. Chicken needed an extra 30 minutes. If I make it again, I will use boneless chicken and put the mustard glaze on everything. Roasted potatoes on the side (thankfully not in the same pan).


So I know time estimates are always lower than real life, but seriously, if you put it in the oven for 35-40 min as directed, it’s ridiculous to say the whole recipe takes 45 minutes.


Have made this multiple times - always a winner. I use nigella seeds (black cumin) for the cabbage part and I think it’s an improvement. Also, I served this with mashed potatoes and it meant I had leftover potato, cabbage and onion the next day. Perfect to make a British “bubble and squeak” for breakfast. You basically fry up the remainder in a little oil and butter tossing every 3 or 4 minutes until you get nice pieces of crust to the potato veg mixture. Add some fried eggs on top!

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Sheet-Pan Roast Chicken and Mustard-Glazed Cabbage Recipe (2024)


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